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Never in a million years did it ever cross my mind to sign up to the infamous AshleyMadison website in order to find local sugar babies. I must admit I really fucked up by overlooking this gold mine. Ashley Madison boasts a staggering membership of well over 52 Million users worldwide. Holy shit, that is an insane amount of sugar awaiting my arrival, way more than I can ever begin to handle on my own.

Over the last 18 years, AshleyMadison.com certainly has become more of a mainstream name in the affair or sugar daddy dating scene since first launching in 2001. The site itself has been the center of countless stories in the media. Back in 2015, there was a breach of security where members private information was leaked publically online exposing cheaters around the globe. This in itself is a huge lesson why you should always use a secondary email for these types of website registrations.

Make no mistakes about it AshleyMadison has since recovered and nearly doubled in membership since this breach. AshleyMadison is king and will always be considered a pioneer in the sugar daddy and affair dating niche. Originally the site was narrowly focused strictly on attracting members who were married or in an attached relationship, seeking a discreet affair. However, things have changed as the website has a much broader focus including the sugar daddy, sugar baby hookup dating culture of today. You can bet your bottom dollar that with over 52 Million users this sugar dating site is certainly loaded with sugar babies and sugar daddies looking to have some fun in your own hometown.

52 Million reasons to sign up await my presence. I am fucking excited. I might need to stock up on some extra blu chews.


Signup Process

Let’s get this fucking party started. The homepage of Ashley Madison is nice and clean with a simple design that is centered around the two primary actions (Sign Up, Log In). This is exactly how it should be, clean and simple and to the point. Along the bottom of the page, you will also find some options for you to download the mobile apps designed both for the Apple and Android devices. It only would make sense that you can also translate the page into a number of different languages, with 52 Million users on Ashley Madison, the language option seems to be a necessary option to provide a world-class sugar dating service. Enough with the BS, its time to start the registration process, I can’t wait any longer.

Ashley Madison homepage - Life is short have an affair is the sites tagline.
Ashley Madison homepage has a clean design with a clear message.

Let’s go find some sugar. From the homepage, I selected “See My Matches” as this seemed to be the most obvious choice. I was immediately taken to the next page where I began a very straight-forward registration process. I was able to complete the basic short form which asked me for the bare minimum when it comes to personal information. This sign up process was very similar to what you would expect to see when registering on typical sugar daddy dating websites similar to Ashely Madison. I finished up by filling in my Relationship Status, Username, Password, Location, Zip Code, Date of Birth, Ethnicity and my personal email address.

Registering on Ashley Madison is quick and painless.
The registration process was a breeze on AshleyMadison.com

AshleyMadison 100% gets it!

I am impressed, and that is not so easy to do.

Finally, a sugar dating website that completely understands its users need for complete privacy and discretion.


My mind is blown! Finally, a sugar dating site that gets it! This is the first website which has put an emphasis on allowing its members to remain completely discreet and not forcing them to upload a public photo. How simple is that? Ashley Madison even goes even a step beyond this and recognizes that public photos are sometimes necessary to attract a beautiful sugar baby to your profile and it solves this problem by providing you tools which instantly allow for you to add a blur (different levels from light blur to completely fucking blurred) also giving you tools to place a masquerade mask or thick black bar over your eyes and face in order to give you peace of mind with tools designed for added privacy and discretion. This is amazing and tells me that AshleyMadison is a thought leader in the privacy and discretion category among the many other sugar daddy dating websites. Kudos for that!

Add a discreet public photo to AshleyMadison.com
AshleyMadison.com allows you to upload a discrete photo – or you can simply skip this step all together.

AshleyMadison has one of the most thoughtful photo uploading options I have seen among the many different sugar daddy dating websites which I have personally reviewed. There is no doubt about it, AshleyMadison gets privacy!

This photo editor is everything on AshleyMadison.com
Choose from standard photo or add some blur. You can even play around with adding a mask or black bar for added privacy.

Another one of my favorite features which I noticed right away, is that you are also given the option to make your photo private and are not forced to display your photo publicly like many of the other sugar daddy dating websites. This is another small but thoughtful feature. I decided to go ahead and make my photo public. Another small but nice touch is that you can also choose to “Make my life easy” option and automatically share your private photo keys with members who have shared theirs with you first.

You can make the photo public or private on AshleyMadison.com
This final step gives you the option to make your photo public or private on AshleyMadison.com

After you finish up adding your photo, you will need to fill out a bit more information about yourself and what it is you are looking for on AshleyMadison.com. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Ashley Madison is not your typical sugar baby and sugar daddy website so you will have to understand the language is a bit different as the main focus of this site started around the concepts of discreet affairs. Although you do not have to be married or in an attached relationship in order for you to join this sugar daddy dating website. If you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy like me you will find plenty of options to choose from Something Short Term, Something Long Term, Cyber Affair/Erotic Chat, Whatever Excites Me, Anything Goes, Undecided. Personally, I am more of an anything goes type of guy myself.

Add your Greeting or headline and fill out some basics.
Be sure to put it all out in the open, this website is all about being straight forward. Nothing to hide here.

After completing the previous steps shown above, the site registration process was now complete. I immediately found myself on a page full of beautiful sugar babies, my cock stood up and gave a salute as I was confident that this site is going to deliver! Reading the headlines alone, I quickly realized this is a sugar daddy heaven, I was amazed at the sheer sight of all this brand new sugar baby talent. I never knew I was among so many new potential sugar babies right here in my own backyard.

Before I dive in head first, I want to make sure that I was to put my best foot forward. I will come back to this part, but first I decided to click on the Manage Profile link at the top. I wanted to see what other available options there were in order to give me an opportunity to make myself stand out by completing my profile and maximizig my efforts.

Personal Information: This page allows you to make changes to all of your basic details. This is your standard information. Be sure to add your timezone, spoken languages. You can also update your username, email, password, add security questions and even edit the details you previously completed during the registration process. Be sure to complete your greeting, limits, relationship status, body, type, height, weight, ethnicity, smoking and drinking habits in order to give yourself the best shot at making a connection on Ashley Madison.

One cool yet important feature was located all the way at the bottom of the section was Two-Factor Authorization (2FA). You might be familiar with 2FA from other websites already when this feature is enabled it gives your account that extra layer of security forcing you to enter a password which is sent to your device in addition to your normal password. Worth the trouble, especially for those of you who might be in an attached relationship or even married.

Fill out your personal information to start attracting quality matches on Ashley Madison
Updates can be made to your profile at any time. Be sure to scroll all the way down and enable two-factor authorization for added security and peace of mind.

Profile Options: The next sub-section under the Manage Profile menu was labeled profile options. This section seemed to be a mixture of various controls, most of which I feel fall under a privacy category and do not belong jumbled together with the others. The good news is that Ashley Madison really gives control of your personal information.

  • Check this box if you wish to temporarily hide your profile.
  • Check this box if you wish to show as OFFLINE when you are logged in.
  • Check this box if you wish to always view sexually explicit photos from other members.
  • Check here to top up your credits when you run out.
  • Check this box if you wish to enable priority mail automatically.
  • I do not wish to receive Quick Reply messages.
  • Check this box if you wish to enable automatic private key exchange.
  • Receive new local match messages.
  • Show Current Location in Search.
Options are available to control every aspect of your profile on AshleyMadison.com
This section allows you control over some privacy features, be sure to review all your options.

My Intimate Desires: Now you’re talking my language Ashley Madison. I am liking the intimate desires section. So many wanna be sugar daddy dating sites get this wrong and label themselves as sugar dating and then you sign up only to find a vanilla ass website with some stupid mainstream dating questions without a peep about sex, intimacy, hooking up or affairs.

Ashley Madison is not shy in any way shape or form and out of the way in order to help its sugar daddies and sugar babies get right to the point. It’s good they do not limit your selections because I am into all of it, just depends on the order lol. If they left one out, no worries, you can even add your own by using the box below to describe your wildest desires.

  • Oral Sex
  • Conventional Sex
  • Kissing
  • Cuddling & Hugging
  • Sensual Massage
  • Sex Talk
  • One-Night Stands
  • Kinky fun

  • Open to Experimentation
  • Foreplay/Teasing
  • Gentle/Easy going
  • Fantasies
  • Sex Toys
  • Threesome
  • Stamina
  • Other

Intimate Desires are covered on Ashley Madison

Just be sure that you are fully aware of what is allowed to be said within the site’s guidelines and you will be just fine.

  • Personal contact information in your profile or opening line. This includes MSN or Skype numbers, personal email addresses, phone numbers, websites, etc.
  • Graphic or foul language (swearing) or inappropriate language in your ‘Greeting’.
  • Anything cryptic in your information that may violate anything in this section.
  • Solicitation of any goods or services.
  • Slandering / defamation.
  • Illegal activities / Promoting anything illegal.

My Perfect Match: Is there such a thing as a perfect match, I guess I wouldn’t be here if there was. Regardless, go ahead and knock yourself out, describe your perfect match using the following checkboxes High Sex Drive, Discreet, Classy, Well Groomed, Drug-Free, Naughty, Non-Possessive, Fit, Tattoos, Casual/Social Drinker, Petite, Adventurous/Daring. Should you need more than the above-mentioned options, you are given a text box to tell share what it is your looking for in your very own words.

Details about your perfect Match on Ashley Madison
Go ahead and describe your perfect match with 52 Million members, there is a good chance in finding them on AshleyMadison.

My Personal Interests: This section seems pretty fucking vanilla and similar to the things you would find on some of the mainstream sugar daddy dating websites. Boring. I guess nobody wants to be outdone so AshleyMadison decided to include this section of personal interests. If nothing else these can simply serve as generic conversation starters.

Choose your personal Interests
I found the Personal Interest section to be quite vanilla and pointless but I will fill it out to play along.

Verification Process

The verification process was straight forward and to the point. Oddly enough, there was never a notice on the website indicating that I was required to check my email for a verification link. I just so happened to check my Gmail and found there was a verification email waiting under my social tab. This is the first verification email of all the sugar dating sites to land in my social tab as most emails seem to go to my spam or promotions tab.

AshleyMadison.com verification email example
Be sure to check your Social or Promotions tab for you activation and verification link.

Search Results

After completing my profile I finally am able to make my way back around to the Search Results page. The first thing I can’t help but notice is the number of some sexy blonde sugar babies, one after another. As I scroll, I realize that I am about to stir up some trouble.

You might be tempted to jump right into the search, I always strongly recommend that you consider first completing your profile so that you do not waste any of your efforts.

Advanced search on Ashley Madison
The advanced search packs a punch allowing you to find your perfect match using all the profiles criteria.
Just like that, I am in business, come to The Captain! I found a “Sexy Dream Blonde” and it seems like she is down for a short term relationship aka hook-up! Time for the Captain to work his magic!
Search results on Ashley Madison
The search results are well organized allowing you to see the details at a quick glance without having to click on each of the profiles.

I really like how the information is well organized in the search results, this allows me to find what I am looking for at a quick glance. Since I am still using a free account, I will do my best to get her attention first in order to see if she is, in fact, a real active account. One thing I wish I could change would be an option to edit the results in order to arrange more profiles on a single page by condensing the information into a tighter view.

Stiring the pot. I like using my secret weapon by which I add potential sugar babies to my favorites, sharing my private photo key, and sending her a wink.


This is a personal strategy which I have used over and over again to stir the pot and see what kind of activity it sparks, within 48 hours you will see who is active on the site and the types of responses you get in return. Be sure that you have completed your profile and added a picture before you begin to test this strategy out for yourself. Be aware that you can only have up to a maximum of 1000 sugar babies in your favorites at a given time.

Public profile example on Ashley Madison
This is a public view of a profile on Ashley Madison.

Free members are not allowed to send messages until you have first purchased credits.

Send your potential sugar babies a message on Ashley Madison
You are not able to send messages as a free member until you pay for credits on Ashley Madison.

Free members can choose to send a WINK Message. As I mentioned above sending a wink is part of my stir the pot method which I mentioned above. This technique helps me to better determine if there is life on the site before I cough up some dough and pay for credits to join as a premium member.

Sending a wink is easy and fun on Ashley Madison
Winking gives you some preset messages to choose from which you can send for free to your future sugar babies.

The TravelingMan Travel feature allows you to share travel plans by uploading an itinerary and sending a customized priority message to up to 30 women you request based on age, ethnicity, and location, in the city you’ll be traveling to before you visit.

TravelingMan is a cool option on Ashley Madison
TravelingMan feature on AshleyMadison.


Be sure to enable the two-factor authentication optional feature which is found in the Manage Profile > My Information section at the very bottom of the page. This is your best bet when it comes to locking down your account.

Pricing Plans

I must say that I can certainly appreciate companies that offer a flat rate monthly membership fee vs the virtual currency or coins pricing structures. While the pricing plans on Ashley Madison are quite simple and very easy to understand, I still have no fucking clue as to what credits are how many I should need. Personally, I like to go all in when it comes to contacting beautiful girls on sugar daddy dating sites, I mind as well go for the 1000 credits and just get it over with.

Luckily, I was able to find some information on another site regarding the various ways which you can spend your credits. It seems I made the right choice by grabbing 1000 credits.

Credits can be used for a number of things, and different actions cost different numbers of credits:
  • 5 credits to contact a member initially, but every message sent to that same person after the initial contact is free.
  • Send Instant messages (Men only, Females Free) – 30 credits for 30 minutes of instant messaging, or 60 credits for 60 minutes of instant messaging.
  • Receive collect messages (Men only, Females Free) – 5 credits
  • Send Priority messages (Men only, Females Free) – 5 credits
  • Send virtual gifts – 20, 30 and 50 credits
Credits are automatically renewed when you run out unless you turn off this function in your account settings.

The site accepts credits cards, PayPal, Interac money transfer, mail, courier or Western Union as payment.

If you decide to pay with a check or alternative payment method be sure to indicate your profile number (top left of the site) on your payment and include any photos you wish to have posted to your account. Your account will be upgraded upon receipt of your payment. Mail from the U.S. typically takes 6–8 business days.

All memberships have a one-time $19.99 USD activation fee will be applied to your account. It is always better to deactivate your account vs deleting it as you will have to pay another account activation fee in this situation.

Upgrade your account on Ashley Madison


On the top right of your screen in the pink navigation bar you will find an icon of a person which appears to be running, if you are browsing the site and an unwanted visitor enters the room you can quickly click this icon to be taken to a very basic website with normal news and content. Personally, I feel that I can hit the little red X in my browser to close the tab just as fast, but this is a nice touch for those who are less sophisticated.

Privacy is part of the focus on Ashley Madison
Email and contact options on Ashley Madison
Interesting Payment options on Ashley Madison

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I spent nearly the last two-months on Ashley Madison trying to blow through my credits and find some real sugar. At first, I was bombarded by hundreds of young women from all around the country, many as far as over 500 miles away which attempted to run various scams. I just ignored those hoes and concentrated my efforts on my local area.

At first, I looked for women 23 and older and actually connected with two beautiful sugar babies that are in their 30’s and seemed to be genuinely interested in me. One turned out to be about what must have been a solid 30 or more pounds heavier than her primary profile pictures which were clearly taken quite a few years prior. I bought her a couple of donuts and a coffee. she should have picked out the cold-pressed juice and a salad instead. Another one of the potential sugar babies started showing early warning signs of being a control freak, as we corresponded over the instant messenger for about two weeks on and off, without actually even meeting in person. I got out of that with only an expenditure of my time and a few wasted tokens. The Ashley Madison instant messaging made it safe and easy for both of us to feel out the relationship before either one of us had to leave our comfort zones.

I began to lose hope for a second and I had to check my ego at the door and continue the fight before I would consider calling it quits. I eventually dialed in a solid technique where I would look for women 25 and above that had recently joined as a new member. Using the advanced search you can filter for these specifics. I set a routine where I would check the site in the morning and once again in the evening. One thing that I began to notice is that many women for whatever reason typically do NOT show a public profile picture and don’t answer questions like “Do you like oral sex”. Instead, they would all check off the box that said they were interested in “Whatever Excites Me.”

Once I started using this new strategy I spotted my future sugar baby within the first hour that she signed on Ashley Madison. Since I had boatloads of credits still I reviewed her profile which happened to be pretty basic and did not reveal too much about her. So I decided to take a shot and write a really good introduction message in order to get her attention. I talked about understanding her need to be discreet, but that her limited profile kept me from evaluating our potential as a match. I asked if she would look over my profile and let me know what she thought since I took the time to make sure it was an accurate description of me and what I was looking for. I reiterated how I have a deep respect for her need to protect her privacy and discretion and asked if we could communicate first tough the Ashley Madison chat to see if we clicked. I told her I would be willing to lie about how we met and reassured her we are both on the site for the same reasons and I am happy to take care of her as my sugar baby.

I really believe that taking the extra time to complete my profile from the very beginning was a crucial step in helping me land a smoking hot sugar baby. Once she responded to my initial message, I knew she was hooked. I never hesitate to ask them for their social media profiles in order to get a second look at photos they might not have shared on the site. Once we chatted for a couple of minutes I asked her to take the conversation offline to one of my favorite encrypted messengers Confide. She agreed to sign up for the free app where we could chat in a secure messaging environment. I mainly did this because she was married and I didn’t want to end up in the middle of a shit storm should she or I get exposed as cheaters. A couple of months have gone by and we have been on several amazing dates. She sure was in need of some of Captain’s D, I guess the married life is not delivering in certain areas where I was able to deliver. Our sexual relationship is through the roof.

I read many reviews about Ashley Madison which were extremely negative, I have to imagine these guys have a tough time getting dates in real life and the online game is no easier when they are fat, old, ugly and broke. Yes, there are real women on Ashley Madison. I like to think of it like Yelp, who really goes and leaves positive reviews, it’s usually the pissed off people who tend to leave 1-star reviews and not the satisfied customers. At the end of the day, this is the internet and you can’t take my word or anyone else’s word for that matter as the truth, you need to jump in and see for yourself. There are a ton of variables which can affect your experience from the next guys, be sure to keep an open mind and put your best foot forward and you will certainly score a beautiful sugar baby on Ashley Madison.

Bring your A-game brother the bottom line is that there are real women on Ashley Madison looking for sex partners. The odds are against men, but if you’re patient and persistent, it’s easier than you think to find a partner.




  • 52 Million Members and growing
  • Easy to use navigation
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Privacy Features Galore


  • No automatic matching features
  • No standard flat fee membership.
  • Auto-Top Off Credits is on by Default
  • No bitcoin payment option
  • Not the density I expected to find with 52 million members. I had to expand my search to 50+ miles

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