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As you might have already guessed it this websites name more or less implies exactly what you would expect. EstablishedMen.com is a niche dating website which debuted in 2008 for older and more established men to connect with younger women. As your Captain, I reported to duty by jumping right in and signed up in an effort to further explore what this website has to offer an established man like myself. Much like many of the other sugar dating websites, EstablishedMen.com is focused around the concept of a mutually beneficial relationship between a sugar daddy (established men) and his sugar babies (beautiful women). Let’s sign up and see how many beautiful young sugar babies are waiting inside.

Getting Started

The homepage for EstablishedMen.com is nice and simple. It features a very simple form which prompts a new visitor like myself to select what I am looking for and what area or location I am searching in or near and what age range. If you are an existing member you can simply login at the top of the screen. Once I clicked continue it advanced me the the second page of the new member sign up process.

Website Homepage for EstablishedMen.com

Signup Process

The signup process is very typical of most dating websites and ask for some basic but necessary information which you should come to expect from most dating platforms. There were not any real specific questions related to sugar daddy or sugar babies. I was able to quickly complete this second portion of the registration process. I decided to skip adding a photo at this particular step.

PRO TIP: In order for you to ensure complete privacy. I always recommend that you never choose a username which you have previously used on another online dating site or used on another social media application.

Create your account on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
The registration process was fast and easy. Just complete this simple form to continue with your new account.

Since I did not upload a photo in the previous step, I was immediately prompted with this popup once I submitted the previous step in the registration process. I can understand why photos are necessary in order to provide a good experience for both sugar babies and the established men on the website. I guess I will upload a photo, because I want to get the maximum experience from this sugar dating website. It’s hard to imagine why a sugar baby would ever want to message you if you have no photo in your profile.

Please add a photo on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Adding a photo to your profile is essential in order for you to match with some of the beautiful women on EstablishedMen.
Even if you don't want to add a photo, you still should on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
They really want you to add a photo. Let me get those 3 free messages!

After uploading my photo to my profile, the next prompt was asking me to fill out was is better known as the infamous and dreaded “About Me” section of my profile. Lucky for me, I have done this a few times. I just happened to have a really well thought out “about me” already written. I quickly copied and pasted my bio from my notes and made a couple tweaks to match the content to the types of ladies I am looking to attract on the EstablishedMen.com website. Be sure to make sure that your bio is detailed enough to start some meaningful conversations with the ladies, otherwise I have no problem keeping them all for myself.

Tell us about yourself - this is your about me on EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Go ahead and add your ABOUT ME or BIO. You can always come back to this and update it later.

Yes Please! Who wouldn’t want private photos? This is a no brainer, nobody uploads the good photos as public photos. I enabled this private photo sharing option, I suggest you do as well.

Enable private phots exchange setting on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Enable Private Photo Sharing – Why Not?!

Verification Process

The verification process on this website is quite simple and uncomplicated. All they really ask is that you register to the website with a valid email. It’s really that simple. Next, from your account settings page, you can click the button “Send Verification Email” and finalize the new user registration process.

In my honest opinion, I feel that dating websites could come up with some more advanced ways of verifying a new user. Identity verification is a much-desired feature missing from many of today’s leading dating sites both in mainstream dating and sugar dating alike. It is certainly a double edge sword for the websites. On one hand, it might completely deter users from registering on the platform due to the need to remain anonymous and private. On the other hand, it can help to further prevent fake profiles aka the infamous catfish accounts from popping up and wasting your time.

Your account has not yet been verified. Please Send Verification Email and Confirm to continue on EstablishedMen.com
My email is currently unverified. I must verify my account to unlock all the account features.
Verification email sent on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Be sure to verify your account in order to complete the registration process.

Pro Tip: If you are using Gmail, be sure that you check your inbox promotions tab. I found the EstablishedMen email verification hiding under this tab as it was not in my inbox.

Verification Email was in my promotions tab in my Gmail for the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Click the link in the email to verify your account and complete the registration process.

Immediately after clicking the link to verify my account I was taken to the dashboard. From here you can find a number of helpful links “Quick Links” along with some of the newest sugar babies within 50 miles my area. This dashboard seems to have defaulted to the settings I chose on the very first step of the process. The results showing here can be modified as the full search capabilities are now unlocked under the search tab. You also might have noticed that I have “1 new message” waiting for me in my inbox. I can’t imagine this is a real message from a real user as I really have only been active for just a few short minutes.

Be aware: Many dating websites tend to simulate messages, favorites, winks or whatever the gimmick might be in order to bait new users into purchasing a premium account.

Main dashboard on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.

Search Results

The search features are fully activated with no filters being locked or reserved for premium members. This is certainly a nice touch as this allows me as a new user to run a few searches to see if any familiar sugar babies show up. I am a premium member on several sugar dating websites and the last thing I was you or anyone to do is pay for something that you don’t need. I am personally very familiar with the Miami, Florida sugar daddy dating scene. After an extensive, search, it turns out I did see a couple of familiar faces in the mix but overall I must say there are many new faces in the crowd on EstablishedMen.

Search results on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Profile view of a sugar baby on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Sending a message as a user with no photo on th EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Message successfully sent to a sugar baby on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.

Pricing Plans

Like many of the other sugar daddy dating website, EstablishedMen also does its part to encourage beautiful young women to sign up by offering a 100%FREE MEMBERSHIP to Sugar Babies who join. While this might seem a bit unfair, to only charge us men, but this in-fact helps to ensure that there is no end in sight to the beautiful ladies who continue to join sites like EstablishedMen. This also means far less competition weeding out all the fake wannabe poser sugar daddies who can’t even afford the $49 / $79 to join a sugar daddy dating website.

  • A 1-month membership costs $79. (100 Credits)
  • A 3-month membership costs $49/month. (300 Credits)
  • A 12-month membership costs $25/month. (3000 Credits)

Premium Memberships Include

  • Read and Send Unlimited Messages
  • Send Virtual Gifts to Sugar Babies (It costs credits to send virtual gifts)
  • Appear at the Top of the Search Results
  • Highlighted Profile in the Search Results
  • New Sugar Baby: Anytime a new sugar baby joins near your location, you will be automatically recommended to her.
  • Premium Member Badge: Your profile will be tagged with a special badge that lets everyone know you’re an elite member.
  • 24-hour Exclusive Access: All new sugar babies are visible only to those with a paid membership for the 24 hours. This give you an exclusive opportunity to meet them first.
Upgrade now to unlock all the features on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Do yourself a favor and boss up by purchasing the Executive Membership.

Premium memberships unlock all features of the website and include credits to use features that have limited access. When you purchase a premium membership, you can use your credits to send virtual gifts to your sugar baby, this will help your messages stand out from those who can’t even afford a basic membership or have limited credits.

How fancy, you can send virtual gifts on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.


Privacy controls are certainly available on the EstablishedMen website which is a huge plus.
I am a huge fan of the block feature. I tend to use this block feature very heavily because I value my time. For example, if I view your profile and do not particularly care for what I see or read about you as my potential sugar baby, I simply click on the BLOCK USER icon. This ensures that I will never ever again have to waste my time scrolling past your face in my search results, or even worse tricked into clicking on your profile again as some members like to change up their profile photos in an effort to draw my attention back in. I am pretty wise but sometimes I forget to block a member and as soon as I open it again, I am like fuck, the same person…again”, blocking allows me complete control over who can view my profile or who’s profile I have to never ever see again.

Other Privacy Settings Include:

  • Edit Blocked Profiles (block and unblock)
  • Prevent your profile from showing up in the search results (incognito mode)
  • Show the gifts you have sent and received from others
  • Manage who has access to view your private photos
  • Share your private photos with other members who grant you access to their photos
Privacy settings found on the EstablishedMen sugar dating website.
Manage your privacy settings from your account settings page.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

As your Captain, I did my duty to my fellow sugar daddies and joined as a premium member for 3 months in order to investigate the quality of sugar babies on EstablishedMen.com. During this time I spent many hours searching the website for hot, young, attractive sugar babies to take out on a lunch date to one of the local modern art museums here in Miami. After my first week, I had several girls who responded to my offer. The first two flaked out with some of the typical excuses I have heard from sugar babies all too often (flat tire, hungover, etc) so I blocked them, counted my blessings and kept pressing forward.

Each night after I got home from my office (I am the CEO), I would log into the site and see what new sugar babies recently joined. Well, every now and then you just get lucky. As a premium member, I found what appeared to be an angel. She was a fucking smoke show! I did not hesitate one bit and I sent her an irresistible message in her inbox along with a few virtual gifts (she also happened to be online). I almost couldn’t believe it but she responded back immediately with a “yes, daddy, call me ###-###-####” with her real phone number. I know it was real because it was a blue text!

I guess that it really pays to be a premium member after all. Remember one of the benefits of your membership is that all new sugar babies are visible only to those with a paid membership for the first 24 hours.

Anyways, everything went to plan and we hit it off instantly. She met me down at the Wynwood Walls in Miami where we enjoyed private VIP art show from some of the local artists I personally know and she was impressed with my love and knowledge of the art world. Afterward, we decided to have a late dinner followed by some fun up in my penthouse. I dropped her off back at her condo in the morning and we have been on a couple of dates which were just as amazing as the first. Of course, as her sugar daddy, I have been able to help her out with some of her financial needs in exchange for her time and company. This is the type of mutually beneficial relationship we both expected to find on EstablishedMen.com

In conclusion, I got everything and more worth out of the $150 I spent to join. I will say the site does have fewer active members than some of the others but this can also be a good thing if you are trying to fly under the radar a bit more. I am forever a fan of EstablishedMen.com and I hope that you too can experience the satisfaction I got for the $150 worth of membership fees.


$25.00 / Month












  • Free to Join & Search
  • Enhanced Privacy Features
  • Simple Registration
  • Less Competition as a Sugar Daddy
  • View Recent Visitors Who View Your Profile


  • Under 2 Million Members
  • Less Active Members
  • No Mobile App
  • Can't Filter Search By Has Children
  • You have no idea the last time a profile was active or logged in

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