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Welcome to all the beautiful sugar babies, handsome and wealthy sugar daddies who are interested in reading my review on MissTravel. This site is a unique twist on modern dating, unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced yet before. If you are tired of swiping and looking to add some frequent flyer miles and stamps to your passport you are in the right place. MissTravel is the solution for business travelers and adventure seekers to link up with a beautiful companion on scheduled upcoming trips across the globe in some of the world’s most desired travel destinations.

MissTravel brings a whole new meaning to mixing business with pleasure!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. Sorry, I have always wanted to say that, I think you get the point, this site is about going places. Let’s jump on in and signup to see what MissTravel has to offer The Captain.

Getting Started

I am going to start fresh and walk you through the site step-by-step. Let’s get started. Upon visiting MissTravel.com I notice a very clean and modern feeling homepage which is very inviting and sets the tone of traveling in an exotic location with a companion by your side. I am definitely in the right place. If you currently do not have an account, the homepage prompts you to create a free account. Go ahead and join, it’s painless and takes about 2-3 minutes to complete. Don’t worry you won’t be bombarded with endless questions, trust me it follows a pretty standard, yet simple sequence of questions most dating sites have adopted.

Miss Travel Homepage
Homepage of MissTravel – Create a Free Account

Signup Process

Just a quick reminder on privacy to all my sugar newbies out there. Be sure to choose a username which is not identical with your social media usernames. Of course, if your are not concerned with your personal privacy, go ahead and use your full name. LOL! I am kidding, I would never suggest that on any dating platform. Next, you need to provide a real email address. In order to complete the sign up process, you must verify your email address in order to activate the account.

Create a Free Account on Miss Travel
Choose a unique username and complete the account registration process on MissTravel.

Once you have finished this short registration screen from above you will be presented with some Terms of Use which you must agree to prior to moving forward. I seriously doubt even 1% of the 1 Million or more users have even read these terms of use. I am guilty, just click the accept button and you can move along the the next portion of the registration.

The famous “About Me | Describe Yourself” question…

The next section is pretty easy unless this is your first time ever viewing a box that has a blinking cursor asking you to “Describe Yourself“, it might seem like something you want to brush off and not put much effort into but if you expect to travel with top quality sugar babies that might be open to joining you on a trip 5,000 miles across the globe, you should put a little effort in this section. I will put it to you this way, think of this box as your sales associate which is working as you sleep in order to help you seal the deal. Be yourself and don’t exaggerate! Present an honest reflection of yourself and as long as you are a decent human being this will attract the perfect travel companion. Don’t be shy, give it a shot.

It’s better that you let this little “Describe Yourself” box do all the work, ensuring that you don’t have to waste your time explaining yourself 25 times a day all the prospects looking to hitch a free ride to Dubai.

Complete Your on Profile - MissTravel.com
Of course it would not being a dating platform if they did not ask you for this information.

Be yourself, don’t lie, nobody wants to end up in the middle of the French Polynesia with a liar who is 5’5 and claims to be 6’0. I am sure that would be a huge disaster, I can’t imagine your travel buddy will believe a single word you say if you can’t tell the truth about your height. Just remember, you don’t have to be tall if you’re rich!

Details for your profile on MissTravel.com
More of the basic information you would expect to fill out on a dating site,.

Verification Process

As soon as you complete the above Free Signup process on MissTravel the next step is to get your account verified in order to use all the features the site has to offer. Most of the sugar dating sites verification emails end up in my spam or promotions tab in Gmail but this email was dab smack in my inbox. If you do not see your verification email be sure to check the email you provided in your profile, you can also resend it if it never showed up.

Verify your email address to use your account on MissTravel
Verify your account on MissTravel

Search Results

Before we dive headfirst into the search results, let’s get into some of the facts and figures about MissTravel. I want to make a disclaimer and state that I personally had to comb through the depths of the interwebs a bit in order to locate some relevant stats about the members found on MissTravel. One thing that I want to point out is that unlike other sugar dating websites, MissTravel does not have income requirements. If you are traveling, or wish to travel and are willing to cover the travel expenses or even share a portion of the trip cost, you are set.

Men make up approximately 30% of nearly 1 million members on MissTravel. I would consider this site to be a bit more evenly balanced when it comes to men and women, but I promise you the fellas are highly sought after especially those which have a complete profile, photos and all.

Search Results on MissTravel.com
The world is yours, check out the search results local to me in Miami, be sure to narrow down the field using filters.

Time to see what MissTravel has to offer The Captain. I am looking for a travel companion to accompany me on my upcoming business trip to Guangzhou, China.

I know what your thinking, “Hey Captain, why the fuck would I want to bring ‘sand to the beach’?” Certainly, this is a good question, but not everyone wants to travel alone or leave things open to chance when it comes to meeting a companion on a business trip. In my case, I would much rather bring a beautiful lady of my choice along with me to Asia. Have you tried finding a single blonde hair, blue eyed Swedish blonde in the middle of China? Good luck with that. I guess everyone might have a different reason as to why they prefer to travel with a preferred companion of their choice.

Create a Trip

Time to create a trip and see what this site is all about. Enter in some of your upcoming travel plans (Destination, Dates, Who’s Paying, Description of your Trip, Tags). If your dates aren’t flexible be sure to leave that box unchecked. Since I am traveling on business, my dates are not flexible. When posting a trip you can choose from three options: “I Have an Extra Ticket,” “Take Me Along,” or “I Have My Own Ticket.” Be sure to describe your trip in full detail. Some things to consider adding in this box would be things like accommodations.
Here are some ideas if you are stuck.

  • where will you be staying
  • will you be providing a separate room for your guest
  • what airline are you flying and what type of upgrades will your provide
  • what types of activities will you participate in
  • will you provide a per diem
  • what types of food do you enjoy
  • is the trip for business or pleasure
Create an upcoming trip on Miss Travel
Create your trip and see who might want to join you on Miss Travel.

Within a few hours, I have 4 sugar babies looking to join me on my travels to China. Let’s take a close look and see who these willing travel babies might be.

View your upcoming trips on Miss Travel
Click the suitcase icon in the top navigation to access your upcoming trips page on MissTravel.

I am able to view the profiles of each of the members who requested to join me on my upcoming trip. I promise you this is not that sexy of a trip, perhaps if I was visiting a cooler location I might have had more options to choose from. Before you run off and get all excited, you need to be aware there are several steps which need to take place before your eating dim sum in China with your new travel bunny.

Strategic Planning and Details First

You are going to need some time or better yet a personal assistant to help you cover some ground. Before you can jump in and start communicating with your potential travel baby, you need to upgrade your account in order to send some messages back and forth. Now that you found your perfect travel companion need to think clearly before you run off booking your trip.

  • Be sure to exchange numbers so that you can set up a FaceTime call or some sort of video call in advance of your trip. This is important, don’t skip this step!
  • Sugar Babies can be flaky, always book the flights on their behalf, I do not suggest sending hundreds of dollars over Venmo or PayPal to a stranger hoping the join you on your adventure.
  • Be sure to discuss all your travel arrangements and expectations in advance.
  • Always book refundable tickets, you never know what might come up on her end.
  • Book your guest a ticket home in advance. Don’t be a cheap ass and leave her stranded.
  • It might be cheaper to fly her in direct from her city vs flying her to your location before you leave for your final destination together.
MissTravel - My Trip to China
Who wants to join me on my upcoming business trip to China?
Be sure to check out all of their profiles in order to find your most compatible travel baby.
Member Full Profile MissTravel.com
View of a members profile on Miss Travel.

Pricing Plans

Fellas, don’t get cheap on me now. I promise you that you will not regret this membership upgrade. If you are a serious traveler, this is worth the money, admit it your physical physique might not be what it used to be but you sure have some extra fun coupons to toss around, why not take a chance and see what the possibilities hold. I will mention this one small disclaimer, I suggest that you go for the 90-day package as you want to give yourself adequate time to plan for your trip and select the best travel companion. It will end up costing you more to pay monthly in the long run.

Upgrade options and pricing on MissTravel.com
Save yourself some money and go for the 90 day package.


Edit your privacy options on MissTravel

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Ok, so once again as your trusted and self-proclaimed sugar dating guru, I have managed to tackle yet another fun mission in order to review the MissTravel online dating site in order to look for a travel buddy to join me on my upcoming business trip to China. After using the site over the course of the last 4 months, I have come to find that MissTravel is jam-packed with the essential tools to make the process of finding the perfect travel baby an easy process. There is no other platform dedicated to this niche of online dating.

All that being said MissTravel does have some of its own unique challenges as the safety and risk associated in traveling with a complete stranger are completely in your own hands. You really need to make every effort to have several conversations, in-person, over Skype or WhatsApp, FaceTime etc. You might even have to share a bit more information about yourself with your potential date in order to give her peace of mind. I would strongly suggest that you get each other’s personal information and run a quick background check. I will never hurt.

When it comes to finding the perfect companion, you might have to expand your search across state lines or to neighboring cities but the site massive selection of REAL members on this site. The only drawback is how active are they. I sent several emails to members and since the ladies get free accounts, you would think the response rate would be higher. Who knows maybe I was just swinging for the fence a bit too much and out of my own league. Either way, I am confident that you too can easily find a traveling baby to join you if you have followed my advise. Be sure that you upload a profile photo, complete a full “About Me”, and of course post an upcoming trip to a fun and exciting destination. This should do the trick. Don’t believe me, go ahead and join the site, it’s free to use all of the basic features including the ability to post a trip. But, fellas you will need to upgrade your membership in order to initiate or reply to a discussion. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it, I promise.




  • Free for sugar babies, with a 3 to 1 ratio of girls to guys
  • Unique way to find a travel companion
  • Site is Mobile Friendly
  • Perfect for those with flexible schedule
  • Never Travel Alone


  • No mobile app for iOS or Android
  • Site activity could be stronger
  • No way for you to rate your travel partners from a previous trip
  • Time consuming to pre-screen potential travel companions

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