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Getting Started

Hey Amigo, it’s your Captain and I am back once again for yet another sugar daddy dating website review. Yes, if you have not guessed by now, I will be covering an up and coming sugar dating website which sugar babies seem to bring up in conversations more and more over the last few months. Secret Benefits is a sugar dating website founded in 2015 and claims to have well over 1 Million members. I would say that is some rapid growth in a short period of time. Numbers are one thing every sugar dating site really seems to pound in our heads, as a member you have to keep in mind what really really matters is the daily average user’s activity on the site itself. In other words, let The Captain do his thing, as I take on the mission to score some hot sugar babies willing to meet up in my local area. #SomeoneHasToDoIt

My mission is to bring you an raw & uncensored review of Secret Benefits from a real-life sugar daddy’s perspective, I promise to not to hold anything back.


Secret Benefits happens to be one of the newest players in the sugar daddy dating niche, with that being said, they better fuckin’ bring their A-Game as The Captain has seen his fair share of crappy attempts to rip off the big boys in this popular dating niche.

QUICK RANT: I swear it seems like every month or so there seems to be a new site popping up in the sugar dating world, most of these sites have no real unique value, real members and often times they simply use the words “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” in order to mask their old school dating frameworks.


I am sure more sugar dating sites will continue to follow this growing modern mutually beneficial dating movement. Over the next few years, you will see more and more dating companies attempting to jump in on the sugar dating bandwagon over the next several years. You should always be cautious when you see newcomers popping up in the space. With that being said, let’s get the fun stuff and find some sexy sugar babies.

First impressions

First impressions go along ways. When landing on the SecretBenefits.com homepage I immediately notice a well-designed, lightweight, mobile-friendly homepage which keeps the visitor very focused on the mission “Join Free” or “Login”. The two large buttons “I’m a Man” and “I’m a Woman” seem to progress you right into joining the site. Joining SecretBenefits is 100% Free to join. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, let’s check out the signup process below.

SecretBenefits - Sugar Dating Review
Homepage of Secret Benefits

Signup Process

Both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies can create a profile 100% Free on Secret Benefits. The registration process is not at all painful and I think it might even be one of the easier sugar dating sites I have joined. Secret Benefits doesn’t ask you a million personal questions or even require a public photo in order for you to join. In fact, they really made the signup process quite simple by only asking for the basics like my email, password, username, age, location, ethnicity and body type.

Sign up to SecretBenefits - Join Free
Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies can join Secret Benefits 100% Free!

Upload a public photo

Word on the street is that quite a few sugar daddies tend to want to remain a bit more anonymous and fly under the radar. Not all sugar daddies require such privacy and anonymity but under certain circumstances, the need is there. In order to appease to the sugar daddy dating crowd, you should always allow for sugar daddies to elect to skip a public photo. Secret Benefits gets points in my book for recognizing this small but important factor and will allow you to skip adding a public photo.

PRO TIP: Don’t even think about uploading an old pic, or even worse a photo that is not even you. Good luck with that, you might as well pack up and head back over to PlentyofFish with the rest of the salt daddies. That shit definitely won’t fly here! SecretBenefits offers all members 100% free photo and video validations, this helps to prevent scammers and catfish on the platform. Be prepared to verify your true identity.

Create your profile on SecretBenefits - Upload Picture
Sugar Daddies who have public photos will get 50% more attention from Sugar Babies. Most SB’s won’t waste their time with the SD’s who do not have at least one public photo.

What are you looking for?

This is not the place to describe your weird foot fetish or dark sexual fantasies. Sharing about your needs is more about what you are looking for in a sugar baby relationship. You might want to save all the sex talk for a later time as that can come off in a negative way in your public profile. Think of this as your chance to give your potential sugar babies a better understanding of the type of person you are with respect to what you can offer in a mutually beneficial sugar relationship. This allows your sugar babies to get a small glimpse into your life. Make sure you tell the truth and don’t sound boring. Your goal is to make them want to meet you and join in on the fun and adventurous luxury lifestyle you are living.

Let your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy know what your looking for on SecretBenefits
Share your needs. What are you looking for from your Sugar Baby?

PRO TIP: Don’t skip over the tagline, as this little phrase might be just what sets you apart. Be funny, be irresistible, give it your best shot, whatever you do don’t be boring!


What do you offer?

I like this question but it might be a bit much for even The Captain. I personally would prefer to be a bit more mysterious and let my photo and tagline and physical criteria do the talking. Talk is cheap and this question seems to require sugar daddies to stunt too hard. I would say, less is more in this box but you are welcome to test your own theories here. Go ahead and put it all out on the table. Regardless, of what you decide to do here, should you choose to lay it all out, you better not sound cheap and there better be a lot of spoiling going as sugar babies will be reading every word as you set the future expectations upfront. Hey, maybe that is not a bad thing after all. Give it shot!

Keep in mind while cash and gifts might be welcomed by all sugar babies, however, many crave for something more, something deeper than cash or gifts alone. If you have more to offer, this is the time and the place to share what you bring to the table. This might come as a shock to some but some sugar babies want more of a mentor with an opportunity to advance their career, while some may want to collect passport stamps from around the world, you might even run into some rare sugar babies who might desire to settle down with a like-minded sugar daddy that can spoil her with gifts and consistent allowance.

Add a Tagline on SecretBenefits - What Do You Offer?
Describe what you can do for your sugar baby and how you plan to spoil her.

Last chance to upload a public picture of yourself. If you are still reluctant, you can always upload a private photo of yourself — look in the bottom right-hand side for the link to do so.

Don't forget to upload a picture or private picture on SecretBenefits.com
If you want to skip out on the public photo, you can always upload a private photo on Secret Benefits.

That was easy…your profile is now complete, well almost…

In all reality, I was able to sign up in a little under 3 minutes. Not bad, of course, I did not complete a full bio or description of what I was looking for the sake of this example. I choose to remain discrete and not expose my real identity or bio for the sake of this review which will be publicized to the entire world.

You will find a small blue bar below your profile picture, this represents your overall profile completion percentage. Optionally, you can certainly choose to complete some of the additional fields which are not required but certainly will go a long way in helping you to land your ideal sugar baby.

You will find some additional fields you can add to describe your appearance such as

  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • How Many Piercings Do You Have?
  • How Many Tattoos Do You Have?
  • Height

Finally, you can add some information about your current lifestyle

  • If you Smoke and How Often you Smoke
  • If you Drink and How Often you Drink
  • Relationship Status
  • Yearly Income
  • Net Worth
  • Education

Although I am not into the whole transgender thing, if this is your flavor, you can also choose to update this checkbox at the top of the page to indicate you are open to this type of sugar relationship. Since this is not my thing, I am going to leave that box unchecked and hope that this simply filters the TG babies from showing up in my search results and vice-versa. One thing I have noticed is on a lot of the sugar dating sites, they will sometimes mix the transgender sugar babies in with the regular sugar baby search results only leaving you to get a big surprise only after you spent time reading a long profile or perhaps even worse messaging back and forth overlooking a small but rather important detail, its a dude.

SecretBenefits - Edit your profile
Be sure to complete your full profile, scroll down to add details about your physical appearance and lifestyle.

Verification Process

Any sugar daddy or even sugar baby looking to earn more trust and recognition among the millions of members seeking a mutually beneficial relationship should consider getting verified. This is a simple process where your profile is verified by Secret Benefits support team. In order to get verified on Secret Benefits, you will need to provide a very specific photo and/or a video. Be sure that you have good lighting and your face is visible. You should be aware that these photos and videos will be visible to any members of the site, not just the Secret Benefits verification team will ever see these.

SecretBenefits - Get Verified

Video Verification

To get started you will need to navigate to your profile page and select the sub-menu labeled verification. Once you are in the right place, you can begin the verification process by creating a unique video where you record yourself saying “let me be your secret.” You can introduce yourself in more detail after your first say the words ‘let me be your secret.’

SecretBenefits - Upload a Selfie

Photo Verification

The second way you can go about getting verified is by taking a selfie while holding a paper with your username, the word “Secret” and today’s date; your selfie will need to include your face and/or an outfit that has featured in any other photo on your profile.

SecretBenefits - Photo Verification

Search Results

This is where all the magic happens, and I must say that I am quite impressed with the quality of sugar baby talent on Secret Benefits. I definitely will say that I immediately recognize a few familiar faces in my local area (Miami, Florida) who happen to also be on some of the other top rated sites in the sugar bowl. I, of course, am a sugar baby connoisseur and happen to belong to many of the top-rated sugar dating sites myself. Why wouldn’t you want to maximize your opportunities in the sugar bowl? I do not suggest that you limit yourself to a single site.

Like most of the sugar dating sites, Secret Benefits allows for all members both free and premium to filter the search results using filters like photos, distance, height, age, ethnicity, body type, hair color, gender, smoking, drinking, piercings, tattoos and relationship status.

Be sure that you play around with the different filters your results will vary depending on your local area, one small change in your filters can easily eliminate a lot of potential sugar babies from your results if you get too carried away on the filters.

Once the results are revealed you will be shown the sugar babies that best match your criteria arranged by those which are most recently active by default. I personally like to fish where there is action, and by this, I mean by those sugar babies which are most active or currently online, no sense in messaging girls who have not been active in the last 3 months. You can also choose to sort the results by distance and by the newest members first.

SecretBenefits - Search Sugar Babies
Search results from Secret Benefits show the green checkmark to identify members who are video or photo verified.

PRO TIP: Don’t get catfished by sugar babies on the site, be sure to look for the green checkmark in order to ensure that the profile has been photo or video verified.

View Sugar Baby Profiles on SecretBenefits.com
The photos and videos are displayed in the profile of this sugar baby on Secret Benefits.
Send a direct message on SecretBenefits
Sending a message is free for all members. You will need to use coins to read messages sent back from the other party. Once you unlock a message you can message unlimited between the two parties.

Pricing Plans

If you want to play in the sugar bowl, you better not be sweating $59 fucking dollars.


I am going to go ahead and assume that you are the no-nonsense type of sugar daddy like me who values your time and doesn’t wish to dick around on a dating site all day, if you value your time, which is ultimately your money, you should expect to pay to play in the sugar bowl. While SecretBenefits certainly takes a different approach to the features it provides to a paid membership, I will assume you are pretty good with math and let you figure out the rest. Some things you might want to consider before you buy credits on SecretBenefits is that you will need to use credits to unlock private photos shared by sugar babies, and more importantly than that, you will need credits to unlock your messages between one another.

I suggest getting the best bang for your buck, sometimes sugar babies can be flakey, no sense in buying what you don’t need but since the credits never expire it is always a better deal to stock up while they are cheap. If you want to be conservative with your tokens, just pay to unlock messages and have your sugar baby text you the private photos and videos instead. This will save you a few bucks allowing you to focus on setting up dates vs collecting pictures. Another benefit to racking up on credits is that Secret Benefits will rank your profile in the search results higher, I will take it, some platforms charge for boosting your visibility, I will take this as a bonus.

Upgrade Packages to Unlock Messages on SecretBenefits
Buy some credits on SecretBenefits.com
  • 100 credits – $59.00
  • 500 credits – $169.00
  • 1000 credits – $289.00
What can you buy with credits?
Unlock all conversations for 10 credits. Unlock all photos and videos for 10 credits, Rank higher in search and receive priority support.
Rack up on tokens, you won’t regret it.

Not sure how I feel about the choice of payment processing as SecretBenefits chose to use a famous adult payment processor. I am not sure why they elected to use CCBill vs integrate the merchant processing into their own site. Either way, don’t worry, CCBill is a well known payment processor and your billing statement be very discreet, your statement will show CCBill.com. If you have ever been rebilled for unauthorized charges, you have nothing to worry about as you will not be billed for any hidden or recurring charges, you control what you spend.

Buy 1000 Credits on SecretBenefits.com
Be sure to grab a bunch of credits on Secret Benefits as the will never expire and might even go up in the future.


Well, Secret Benefits sure scores high across the board in a number of important areas but fails to deliver in the privacy category. In my opinion, Secret Benefits lacks any sort of real privacy options. If you don’t mind paying a toll, you can browse the website in complete privacy for 24 hours. This was a turnoff, the lack of control in the privacy department ruined things for me. This tells me that the company does not value my personal privacy, rather seeing it as an opportunity to monetize its users. Hopefully, they choose a different course, in the long run, time will tell.

If you are too cheap to buy 10 tokens ($2.90 – $5.90), you can always disable your profile from being visible across the entire site. You will not be visible in the search results, only those sugar babies which you have in you are in contact with will be able to see your profile via the messaging screen.

If you want to remain more incognito, you will have to cough up 10 credits for 24 hours.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I must say going into this review of Secret Benefits I was a bit skeptical at first. Any time I join a newer sugar dating site on the market I would expect to run into tons of fake accounts, bots, catfish and even scammers. In fact, more often than not, you will find that newer sites are so desperate for new members that they fail to properly police their sites and you end up find them littered with sex workers in an attempt to disguise themselves as sugar babies. That was far from the case with Secret Benefits. I kinda feel dumb for not joining this treasure trove full of beautiful, and responsive sugar babies sooner. It found the sugar babies on Secret Benefits were so refreshed when I messaged them as if they were waiting to connect with a real sugar daddy like me, The Captain.

Yes, I will admit, I took my time before I broke off for some coins, I wanted to see what kind of visitors and messages I would receive before committing to the coins. #SugarBabyHeaven

So in less than a weeks time, my inbox was slammed with baddies wanting to meet The Captain, I maned the fuck up and loaded up on coins and went to work. In no time, I already unlocked messages with no less than 10-12 potential sugar babies. These girls were starving to be spoiled by a real sugar daddy.

Holy shit, this site really delivered some quality sugar babies where it might fall short in quantity. Within a short 48 hours, 9 of the 12 sugar babies replied to my messages once I unlocked the communication ($2.90). Now, I had to make a real choice, who to take out for a night with the Captain. Since I happen to be smarter than you, and richer, I did the unthinkable. I managed to pull two separate girls at the same time. How the fuck did I do that you might ask, easy, I read over all of their profiles and looked for ones who were in an open relationship and asked them if they also were down to chill with me and another girlfriend. After going back and forth for a few minutes over text we came to an agreement on an arrangement pretty easily. Not knowing I just met the other girl as well on Secret Benefits, she also agreed to an arrangement, I can’t believe it, I found two girls who were down to have some fun and get spoiled at the same time. That is why they call me The Captain!

Coins can save money in the long run, you would need to unlock more than 27 conversations in a month to tip the scales in favor of a flat rate membership of $80 per month. In other words, have some self-control and set a standard for yourself and you will come out on top with Secret Benefits.


In the end, I found Secret Benefits to be everything that I could have hoped for and more. I would definitely suggest that you highly consider joining this site as it has a lot to offer. As your Captain, I would strongly recommend Secret Benefits for anyone willing to take a dip, into the sugar bowl.




  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Site is Free to Join
  • Coins Never Expire
  • Photo and Video Verified Profiles
  • Tons of Options with Millions of Members


  • Currently no monthly subscription option
  • Limited options in smaller cities
  • Privacy is not a free option

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