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This is a review on Seeking.com also formerly known as Seeking Arrangement the site is still today frequently referred to as SA for short. Founded by Brandon Wade in 2006 the site’s popularity has skyrocketed rather quickly over the last several years. The website registers over 10 Million visitors a month according to data on similarweb.com. My research shows this website is one of the heaviest hitters in its class with millions of users worldwide. Seeking offers a high-quality modern dating site for finding a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the sugar babies and the sugar daddies alike. I highly recommend joining the website, you won’t regret it. However, the registration process can seem a bit long but I can assure you that it is well worth the effort.

Of course, this site comes with its own share of taboo and misconceptions. Critics claim the sugar dating platform is disguised to promote sex workers and prostitution. However, this flagship sugar dating website has a very strict policies which are actually enforced when it comes to moderating users whos profiles which break these rules and ignore the terms of service.

Let me be clear this website is intended for those men (Sugar Daddy’s) who have an above average income ($150,000+ USD) or net worth over 1 million dollars. The general expectations from sugar babies on this website are that you as a sugar daddy will be able to take care of their financial needs. Many sugar babies are college students and this type of financial assistance is extremely helpful. Sugar Daddies can provide gifts to sugar babies from high-end designer gifts, travel and getaways, tuition, papering from salon and spa treatments, along with everyone’s favorite, cash money. We can talk about this all day, I promise you its better to take a look around for yourself, let’s sign up so we can get to the fun part.

Getting Started

Seeking.com Homepage has been rebranded to Seeking.com from SeekingArrangement.com
Seeking.com Homepage as of 2019

Seeking.com has been around since 2006 and is certainly a pioneer in the Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby dating world. Recently they did a rebrand around June/July 2018 as they were previously known as Seeking Arrangement or SA which is still a common acronym despite the rebranding efforts. When you visit the website today from the USA you are greeted with a simple homepage which prompts you to select your gender in order to begin the registration process.

Signup Process

The signup process on Seeking.com is long, but still one of my favorites. It walks you though a very simple user interface which automatically progresses you through the process as you make your selections. This gives it this sugar dating website style points in my book with a modern registration process for new users.

It took me less than five minutes to complete the registration process once I got started.


Of course, if you are trying to write the perfect bio during the registration process it will take you a bit longer to complete. I happened to already have mine previously written and I was able to quickly copy and paste it in the appropriate form fields. I registered as a female (sugar baby) so that I could capture some information for my readers about this process as it slightly different from the male registration process. The primary difference is that men will not be given any special discounts or privileges for using their college .edu email to register. Sugar babies are also charged much less than Sugar Daddies to upgrade to premium features.

Don’t worry about members of the same sex being able to view your profile. Profiles are strictly limited to only seeing members of the opposite sex.


Create your account

One thing I will mention here is that I wish they would recognize transgender registrations separately, I can’t tell you how many times I have been browsing “hot chicks” and even went as far to actually message some before I actually noticed a single line of text in the about me section which is usually buried at the very bottom of a long paragraph that says: “I’m a Trans”. Everyone has their preferences, but for me, that is a no-go zone. I just wish it was easier to identify these users and not leave it up to them to disclose in the about me section.

Create your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy account on Seeking.com
Create your account Step 1. Select your gender.

This is the Sugar Baby registration signup process. I chose this to specifically show the option which sugar babies get a free upgrade when joining with a college .edu email.

Join Seeking.com as a Sugar Baby and get a free upgrade
Sugar babies can register for free with an active email from their college or university. The email must be a .edu email to qualify;
Usernames can be tricky. Keep in mind if your first choice is not available to you that you can always change your username at a later time.

PRO TIP: Never use your real name or social media username as your username as this will expose you in the event you wish to remain discrete.

Seeking.com - Select your username.
Be sure to choose a username which is not going to easily identify you online. In other words, this should not be your IG username or Snapchat username. Try and pick something unique as this will help you stand out among the boring and lazy usernames. If you can’t seem to find a username you like, try adding dashes – or numbers to the middle or end.

Fellas, you might be tempted to lie about your age, just don’t do it. Unlike traditional websites, I have found that with sugar dating sites, the sugar babies actually prefer to date more distinguished and mature men if they wanted to date guys their own age they would be on Tinder and Bumble. Older men tend to be more financially established and can offer mentorship as well as financial assistance whereas the fuck boys in college still want to play high school games and chug beer from beer parting until 6 in the morning.

Seeking.com - Choose your birthday and home location
Be sure to choose an accurate birthday as this is not something you can easily edit without opening a support ticket down the road.

Seeking allows for you to have more than one location. This is simply your primary location and you can change it once you have completed the registration process. If you are from a small town and are currently married it might be a good idea to change your location settings to the closest major city. If you want to be discrete and you live in a small town, chances are that failing to change your location can easily get you the wrong kind of attention.

Seeking.com - Where are you located
Sugar Daddies: Believe it or not, Sugar Babies want an older more mature man. If you are under 30, own it you will be there sooner or later. Stick to your real age.

If you are height challenged, own that shit amigo. Be sure to let your sugar babies know you can always sit on your wallet if she exclaims you are too short for her. Sure lying about your height might get you more attention on Seeking as you connect with sugar babies, however meeting in person will be an immediate disappointment. Why lie about something you can’t change? This is sure to piss off your sugar baby during your meet and greet, chances are she might leave you before you even get a chance to secure an arrangement, nobody likes a liar.

Slim: This is not something most sugar daddies would typically describe themselves as, this body type is typically a tall, thin build can be muscular but without much definition.
Athletic: This body type has a nice lean and muscular build.
Average: Also know as “Dad Bod”, perhaps a belly but still in good proportions to height and weight overall healthy.
Curvy: In my opinion this is a politically correct term for “thick and juicy”, however depending on who you ask it can mean different things to different people. Some will describe the curvy body type as having an hourglass like shape. A woman with wider hips, thighs and bust compared to her narrow waist.
A Few Extra Pounds: If you breathe heavy walking up 1 flight of stairs or if your clothes are not quite fitting like they did last year, you might be a few extra pounds. I am joking but at the same time this one is also very subjective as from person to person a few extra pounds has an entirely different meaning.
Full/Overweight: If you are in this category, you might not have seen your own cock in years. Perhaps you might need to take a rest after putting on your socks and tying your shoes. If you know what a “dicky-do” is you are definitely overweight. A dickey-do is defined as follows – your belly might hang out further than your dickey-do.

Seeking.com - add your Height and Body Type.
Height: Sugar Daddies, don’t lie about your height, just to be seen in the search results. Starting the relationship off in a lie will not go so well in the end. Body Type: Don’t get me started here, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies get this one way wrong. Sugar Babies often confuse curvy for being an hourglass shape, with some sugar babies use it a nice way to say slightly overweight. I wish the body type fields had better descriptions.

Of course not all of us fit into a single race category. It seems that many of us are really mixed more so than we want to believe, those of you who have taken a DNA test might know what I am talking about. Choose the race that best describes you. I know some of us might be a little delusional, like Senator Elizabeth Warren aka “Pocahontas”, if you are 1% Native American and 99% Caucasian, you are not Native American, even if your DNA says so. Whatever you choose to do, I suggest that you just be yourself.

Seeking.com - Choose your ethnicity
Add details about your physical appearance.

Nobody will be checking to see if you actually have your GED or College Diploma on Seeking, but this shouldn’t matter so much for the sugar daddies if your income and net worth are in check, nobody really cares. Again, why lie though, be yourself. I can assure you the sugar babies are more concerned about your occupation and income vs what college degree you hold.

Seeking.com - Education Level
Choose your highest education level.

This is certainly a tricky one and from what my sugar babies tell me, many men on this site are in-fact married but choose to remain discrete by choosing “single” vs “married”. This is up to you whichever you decide to go with, make no mistake, there are sugar babies who do not care either way. In fact, some sugar babies even prefer married men as they tend to be less clingy and are often times more generous. You can always go back and edit this option in your profile at a later time. Most men choose single and will reveal during a meet and greet or conversation that they are actually married. I am personally in an open relationship, and I can tell you that sugar babies do not seem to care one bit. No questions asked, zero fucks given as long as they can have some of The Captain.

Seeking.com - Marital Status
What is your current marital status?

If you have a small child, it might not be hard to hide this one if you are serious with a sugar baby or sugar daddy. Nothing like a car seat or a background wallpaper on your phone of your lil’ munchkin that will give this one away. I do not have any children, I can’t imagine this is a deal breaker. The funny thing is that when you select the option “I prefer not to say”, I assume you have children. Go ahead, tell the truth the answer is “yes or no”, nothing in between.

Seeking.com - Do you have children?
Do you have any Children?

Smoke what? Who smokes cigarettes these days anyway? Most people are vaping or maybe smoking recreational or medical marijuana. This seems to be an outdated question.

Do you smoke?

I know most of us have lied on our medical new patient forms when answering how often we drink, I sure have. You should not lie about your drinking habits here even if you can handle your alcohol well, sugar babies are most likely not attracted to full-blown alcoholics, this is the type of behavior they are looking to escape from the college guys their age.

Seeking.com - Do you drink?
How often do you drink?

Choose 7 tags to best describe what you are seeking.

Choose at least one tag that will help define what you are seeking in your sugar relationship. Choose up to 7 tags max.

Luxury Lifestyle
Active Lifestyle
Flexible Schedule
Emotional Connection
All Ethnicities
Designer Clothing & Accessories
Fine Dining
Friends With Benefits
Life Of Leisure
Long Term
Marriage Minded

No Strings Attached (NSA)
Online Only
Open Relationship
Passport Ready
Rent Assistance
Seeking Trans-Friendly
Shows & Entertainment
Single-Parent Support
Travel To You
Travel With You
Tuition & School Support

Seeking.com - Select up to 7 tags which apply to you and what you are looking for on this sugar daddy dating site.
You can select up to 7 tags for your profile, be sure to choose carefully as these tags can be used in conjunction with search criteria to filter your search results. You must choose at least one tag which will help define what you are seeking in a relationship.

Describe exactly what you’re seeking.

This optional field might be a bit much when you first sign up on Seeking.com as you really might not know exactly what you are looking for in your ideal Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. Let me emphasize the fact that if you decide to put in the extra effort into this section it will go a long way for you. I find that it helps pre-screen those who do not fit my standard.

Another great reason the put it all out there is that if you have specific dating preferences or requirements this is a good place to disclose them as it will help filter out all of those who know they themselves might not qualify. For example, you can try identifying your expectations of your ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby and how you would expect to treat you. Do you want long-term are you in an open relationship and cool with a no strings attached situation? Are you not interested in traveling out of state or town due to personal reasons such as work or school? Be sure to take the opportunity to say so in your profile. I know your thinking “what’s the point, nobody ever reads these things anyway.” While that might be true, you can even leave a clue as for those who did. Give them a code word or phrase to message you in orrder to let you know they read your entire profile.

Seeking.com - describe what you are seeking in your own words.
Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies: I will highly encourage you to complete this Optional Block. Take the time to explain the type of relationship you are seeking. I certainly realize that many guys or girls will simply not read your whole profile, but for those who do, this gives them a sense of understanding about who you are and what your perfect match might be. If you choose to leave it blank or vague, be prepared to make a larger effort to keep up with your inbox and the various random proposals you get.

Make an impression

Try and not get hung up on this step as you can always come back and change this at a later time. Unlike photos and profile text, headlines are often instantly approved.

Seeking.com - Choose a clever heading and be sure to write a detailed about me section.
Sugar Daddies -Three things that get a Sugar Babies attention 1) Photo 2) Headline 3) Income – don’t lie
Use your headline as a chance to stand out, show your class or humor to get her attention.
Sugar Babies -Three things that get a Sugar Daddies attention 1) Photo 2) Headline 3) Response Time
Use your photo as a way to grab his attention, use your headline to display your personality, respond quickly. Early bird gets the worm.

Verification Process

This is a standard verification process simply to make sure that the email you registered is valid. I want to caution you and suggest that you use a separate email account or turn off the inbox notifications as they can certainly flood your inbox rather quickly. Another good reason to use a secondary email account is for privacy from your employer or significant other. There is no way for you to complete your profile without verifying your email address, once you have done this step you will be prompted to create your password.

Seeking.com - finally done, now be sure to verify your email.
You can always change your email address. You must have a valid email address in order to verify your account.
Seeking.com - verification email was in my promotions tab in my Gmail account.
Be Sure to Check your promotions tab in Gmail or Spam folder as sometimes the verification emails can end up in the junk folder.

Password: It is wise not to use a common or reused password for this or any sugar dating websites, the last thing you want is for someone to compromise your account due to a weak password. I would never want someone to get access to my inbox.

Seeking.com - choose a secure password.
You might want to make sure this password is secure and not just a common or reused password. Be Smart!

Additional Verifications: Use theses additional verifications to gain more attention with your profile. The Age and Income verifications are not quite yet available at the time of this review and you can still click on them and request to be placed on the waiting list once these features become available. I still suggest verifying your photos and social media as these verifications add to your credibility especially for those sugar daddies who strive to remain anonymous as they could be in a position of power or prestige.

Seeking.com - add additional verifications on your account, these will help increase your chances of landing a real sugar daddy.
I did not get a chance to verify my social media account, but really like this feature. I plan to go back and do this right away as I feel it will add confidence to those selecting a potential Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy.

Search Results

The search results are nice and organized with plenty of filters which allow for you to filter out unwanted results. Paid members or sugar babies who register with a .edu email will be allowed to use all the search filters. Sure you might be able to get by without all the search filters but I personally value my time too much to sort through hundreds and thousands of profiles.

For sugar babies who are not able to obtain a .edu email, you might be asking if this upgrade is worth it or not. My answer is 100% YES!

Free Members can search using filters by combining any of the following criteria:
  • Height
  • Hair Color
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Education
  • Children
  • Language
  • Don’t show members seeking (This works off of the 7 tags you selected when you joined).
Premium Members can unlock search filters not available to free members. These filters are everything.
  • Body Type
  • Ethnicity
  • Relationship Status
  • Income
  • Net Worth
  • Profile Text or Keyword

“As a sugar daddy, I couldn’t live without the keyword or ethnicity or body types as these can drastically help me narrow down my search for sugar babies.”

The Captain

As a sugar baby, I can’t live without the ability to search by income and relationship status. I personally don’t want to be considered a home wrecker. On the other hand, some of my sugar sisters only prefer married to fuck with married men as they tend to be less needy since they require less of your time, not to mention can be quite generous when you filiter potential sugar daddies using relationship status plus the income filter.

Anonymous Sugar baby

Seek and You Shall Find…

Seeking.com - search results

Pricing Plans

This upgrade screen and pricing plans are completely different depending on if you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby. Of course, it would only make sense for sugar daddies to pay an increased premium as compared to the sugar babies as the site is designed to encourage sugar babies to join without a financial burden. Real sugar daddies should have no problem forking over the $79/$89 per month as this fee is well justified with respect to what you are getting access to as a premium member. As you Captain, I can tell you that I have personally been a premium member since 2016. Membership has it’s benefits, join and experience the sugar lifestyle for yourself, you will not be disapointed.

Seeking.com - Premium Plan notice
You must submit a photo or upgrade to premium as you will not be found in the search results until you have done so. Sugar Babies who wish to remain anonymous must register a paid account or have used a .edu email to get the upgrade to premium.

Sugar Daddies

As of April 2019, the plans are as follows for Sugar Daddies.

30 Days Premium Subscription
Auto Renewed $89.95 USD/30 days $89.95 USD billed every 30 days

90 Days Premium
One Time Payment $79.95 USD/30 days $239.85 USD billed today

Sugar Babies

As of April 2019, the plans are as follows for Sugar Babies.

30 Days Premium Subscription
Auto Renewed $19.95 USD/30 days $19.95 USD billed every 30 days

90 Days Premium
One Time Payment $14.95 USD/30 days $44.85 USD billed today

Sugar Babies who wish to have a private photos that are not publicly visible you must upgrade to premium account.

Seeking.com - Premium Plan Upgrade for Sugar Babies is different than Sugar Daddies. This is a sugar baby upgrade page.
This is the upgrade screen for Sugar Babies.

Aside from the advances search filter here are some other great benefits you get with a premium account upgrade.

  • More privacy options
  • Feature profile (attract / boost ability)’
  • Gift wishlist (sugar babies)
  • Saved Notes – this is a very helpful feature to avoid asking the same questions.
  • Messaging ability (send and read) – very important
  • Read message receipts – nothing says he or she just isn’t that into you like a read message with no reply.
  • Inbox filters (very helpful for filtering out messages which users do not meet your criteria).


Seeking.com give your two sets of options to give your account some additional security:
1) Security Questions – you can turn these on or off and they will be used for password recovery if you forget your password and cannot access your email.
2) Two-Factor Authentication This feature adds an extra layer of security to your account. The first time you log in from any device (or when you reset your password) you will be sent a text message with a unique code. This code will be required to log in, meaning someone would need both your password and access to your phone to log into your account.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

From a sugar daddy perspective. I can’t say enough good things about this sugar daddy dating website. Once you become a premium member you will not regret paying the fee as the community is very straight forward, responsive and to the point when it comes to conversation. I found this to be very refreshing. Sugar babies were very clear and upfront about what they wanted and their expectations. There was not any useless small talk going on and I was immediately able to schedule a date with a hot sugar baby of my choice. Another thing that I really like is the fact that I can change my location as I travel around the country for business and use it to meet beautiful sugar babies anywhere I go. One thing to note is that some cities and states might have a higher set of expectations or standards among the sugar babies. Don’t worry too much about that as the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is in your favor, I read somewhere that it is close to 10/1 ratio. With a little patience and a well thought out profile, you are sure to find someone who is a match made just for you. I honestly do not think I can ever go back to normal dating ever again in my life. Thanks Brandon Wade, you sir are legendary!

From a sugar baby perspective. Since I am not a sugar baby myself, I had to ask several sugar babies what their overall thoughts and opinions are about the Seeking.com sugar daddy dating platform. I will share some of what I learned here.

Sugar babies feel that Seeking is one of the few platforms where they can go to meet mature and successful men who are able to show them a lifestyle unlike they have ever experienced before. From private jets to skiing in the Swiss Alps, to VIP experiences and fine dining and gifts to financial compensation far beyond what is achievable working two jobs are all the highlights which they had all experienced as a sugar baby. Of course with the good comes some bad. Some girls spoke about some of the nasty and inappropriate emails sent to them by the sugar daddies which they felt were disrespectful and they would have to block those members. Overall once they learned the ropes from fellow sugar sisters they felt much more comfortable on the platform and in real life meetups. Sugar babies who had more success with the website mentioned that they had premium accounts are were using filtered searches to identify potential sugar daddies they wished to meet with vs simply reading messages of those who sent them a message. So in other words, they recommended that all serious sugar babies should pay for a premium account and be proactive vs reactive and you will be much happier with the results you get from this sugar daddy dating website.

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  • Mobile Friendly
  • Huge Active Community
  • Detailed Search Filters
  • Privacy and Security Features
  • Very High Ratio of Women to Men


  • No Mobile App on iOS
  • No Income Verification
  • No Ability to Create Folders for Favorites
  • Not an annual renewal option.
  • Free for girls, thus you tend to have to spend time sorting to find your diamond in the rough


Jona · March 18, 2019 at 2:02 am

I love what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and great sugar dating coverage!
Keep up the great work Captain. I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.
Incredible! This sugar dating site is very helpful! It’s on an entirely different level.

Nyalok · September 1, 2019 at 5:24 pm

I’m looking for dating and if things when right could be long term relationship.

John S Mix · December 7, 2020 at 5:15 pm

Very High Ratio of Women to Men because free for women. For that you get tons of young ones wanting handouts or trying to sell you pics and videos. In return they complain about all the men with scams because they aren’t verified. Just pay the overpriced $90 a month and you’re in. They reject something in your profile with no clue to what it was. Though women post right there clear as day “on-line only” which is a reportable offense. And on and on.

    sugardatingreviews · December 7, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    Online only is now approved due to COVID-19 circumstances. While I certainly hope this gets retracted in 2021, it has made many sugar babies lazy and looking for quick handouts while selling fake or old pics perhaps while on a date with another daddy or friend. Demand the girls take a new pic by requesting something bizarre like a shoe on the head or whatever.

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