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This is an unbiased review of the Sugar Daddy Catch website.

Getting Started

This site design immediately strikes me as a non-starter with respect to the overall design efforts or lack thereof. The focus of the website homepage is mainly on a banner which uses your GEOIP to detect your location and tell you that you can find Sugar Babies in (Insert City Name Here). The site also displays some static numbers which are meant to represent the number of active members. How can you trust a static number? Some sugar dating websites get as many as 2,000 new members a day. I would venture to say these are not accurate numbers. Finally, the registration form on the right is so tiny and feels cheap as older sugar daddies might have bad eyes and with the buttons and forms blending into the background this site is off to a bad start. I will try and keep an open mind, I promise.

Signup Process

So much for keeping an open mind, this website used over 50% of the valuable screen to showcase a graphic of a woman and man which are clearly stock images among some other weird design attempts using what looks like member photos. Overall this provides no value and pushed the registration form well below the focus of the page. I did not bother to attempt to sign up to this website with my social media account. I honestly did not trust the site all that much at this point. I just have a weird feeling. Let’s see if it gets better.

This is one of the worst sign up pages I have seen in ages, welcome to 1999.
Success, that was rather simple. I am finally in my account, seems like I have limited functionality until I am able to upload a profile photo. Fair enough, this increases the overall experience for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

I see the credits option in the top right, I clicked it to find that the SugarDaddyCatch website uses a credit system of coins or tokens to enable your profile to boost up in the search results. This is a common feature you will find on many dating platforms, I clicked the “refill now” and was granted 200 free credits. It seems you can earn credits each day for logging in.

Click the Credits Icon in the top right to find this screen where you can get 200 free credits.

Verification Process

Imagine that, zero verification process. No email. No SMS. Nothing at all. This can’t really help with keeping this sugar dating website from fake profiles and scammers and the infamous catfish. I am sure this site is full of salt daddies, fake accounts and even worse, scammers.

Search Results

There are some search filters available and they seem to work for free with no paid account upgrades. You can search by “Boys” and “Girls” I feel like this should be Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. Men and Women seem too much like old school dating platforms like POF. You have some options regarding the intention of those who you are seeking “Make Friends”, “Chat” and “Date”. I am not too sure these are too relevant to the sugar dating scene. I would suggest changing these to “NSA” (no strings attached), “Long Term”, “Monogamous” to be somewhat more relevant. Clearly this site is out of tune with the sugar world. You also can use up to three additional filters (seen below).

Use a combination of search filters to find your ideal Sugar Baby.

I decided to select a profile which looked interesting to me. This is the profile view of a Sugar Baby from Miami, Florida.

Check out the profile layout and design on Sugar Daddy Catch
Apparently this platform has a call feature. I attempted to use it but it seems the other user has to first approve you.

This is suspect as fuck. So I decided to click the chat feature directly next to the call icon on this Sugar Babies profile. Immediately I was joined in a chat room where this beautiful Sugar Baby oddly requested to “Change the subject”, sure why not I thought to myself, as I patiently waited for a question to appear she went on to ask me, “Is a clear conscience a sign of a bad memory?”

Wait, WTF just happened, why is this sugar baby asking me such a random ass question out of thin air? Fuck it, I will play along, so I replied. Immediately after hitting the enter key to send two quick and witty replies she goes on to ask me yet another random ass question… “What kind of food do you like”. Ok, this smells fishy as fuck. This is 100% a bot. It is unfortunate that this site has used bots to engage its real members with dorky ass questions in an attempt to trick, yes trick even dumber real members into buying a premium membership in order to continue a conversation with a bot. Welcome back to the deceptive days of online dating back in 2001.

A bot, disguised as a fake sugar baby attempts to stir random conversation in effort to limit my chat messages out and forcing me into buying a premium membership.Shady AF!
This sugar dating site offers some “virtual gifts” you can buy with your credits in effort to gain attention from a desired sugar baby,. I would never uses this feature. You nor your sugar baby will gain any value from doing this. WARNING: If your sugar baby is asking for these virtual gifts vs real gifts and cash, she is a bot.
You can use your credits to get your profile more noticed in the search results.

Pricing Plans

Wow, I am totally shocked, this just got even worse. This dating platform is using Clickbank to handle the credit card merchant processing. While Clickbank is a reputable merchant processor for digital products, this is a complete amateur move and this site screams fly-by-night. They did not even make the effort to make the checkout have any continuity with their brand. It feels disjointed and like you almost landed on a wrong page as it shows the cart containing some random e-book for $47.00. If you do choose to buy credits from this sugar dating website, you can rest assure that Clickbank has great customer support and will help you with your billing related questions. I guess the good news is that it is not a monthly subscription but rather a 1x charge.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

If you made it this far, I will assume you simply enjoyed the humor and torture I was put through to complete this sugar dating review of Sugar Daddy Catch. I don’t have much to say other than if you consider yourself a salt daddy and are too cheap to join a real sugar dating site, by all means, join away. They say misery enjoys company. If you are serious about finding a real sugar baby, I would suggest that you join a real sugar dating site like Seeking.com or SecretBenefits.com. Do not waste your time with this site, you have been warned.




  • Lifetime Membership
  • No Monthly Subscription


  • Fake Profiles and Bots
  • Limited Members
  • Terrible design
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Privacy is doubtful

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