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The name of this sugar dating website says it all. SugarDaddy.com sends a very clear message about what this sugar dating website is all about. Make no mistake about it, SugarDaddy.com clearly has one of the most recognizable and memorable domain names of them all.

Despite having one of the best domain names in the sugar dating industry, the website itself is rather new when it comes to the sugar dating business. Having formally re-launched and rebranded in 2017 it has quickly jumped up the rankings in terms of the sheer size of its community and the explosive growth they have experienced.

For this review, I will once again as your fearless Captain and self-proclaimed Sugar Dating Expert explore the depths of this sugar dating website and report back my findings in order to help out my fellow sugar daddies as well as those sugar babies looking for the inside scoop on the hottest sugar dating sites of 2019. Let’s have some fun!

Getting Started

This first thing I notice about the homepage of SugarDaddy.com is that it is way too busy when compared to similar sugar dating websites. As a new visitor, I have to make a difficult choice between a Quick Search, Registering, Searching, Browsing, FAQs, Who’s Online, Important Message and of course a Login for returning members. Most websites choose to focus on login and join.

I was shocked to see that I was able to browse members and see the search results of actual members without even registering to join!


I am not too sure how exactly I feel about the whole quick search thing. Although sugar dating is far more accepted than it once was, sugar dating can often involve extramarital affairs and cheating spouses. This not PlentyOfFish. This in itself is almost an immediate deal breaker for me. For fuck’s sake, the whole concept behind sugar dating is built on the simple foundation of discretion!They better have some beefed up privacy controls to opt-out of this feature.

Sugar Dating Review of SugarDaddy.com - this is the homepage.
SugarDaddy.com Homepage as of April 2019

Signup Process

OK, you got me, I guess it only takes one…One really hot new blonde that is. She just so happens to be from Miami, Florida. She has a perfect body with the bedroom eyes to match, she immediately draws me in and I no longer give two shits about the public profile thing. Perhaps that is what the owners had in mind over at SugarDating.com by exposing member profiles to non-members. I am still not sure, either way, count me in.

The registration process was nice and painless, the bare minimum standard sugar dating questions were required before I was able to take my best shot at blondie, no not the one below, but she is hot too.

M favorite thing about this registration is that they have segmented the new users differently. Instead of following in the footsteps of the crowd, SugarDaddy.com ask you to identify your role as a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy as either Gay, ExtraMarital and Straight.

Joining is Fast and Easy & Free on Sugar Daddy dating site SugarDaddy.com
Registration page for SugarDaddy.com
Final step of the registration process for SugarDaddy.com
Very straight forward registration process with an easy single page form.

You can also upload a photo or refuse from uploading it. Nevertheless, the site emphasizes that profiles with photos get a lot more responses from other users.

Verification Process

Oddly enough there is no verification process on this sugar dating website. It’s not like the whole idea of clicking a link in your email address can hardly a “verification” measure, as anyone can simply create 20 or more free email accounts that can be fake and still verify. I suppose the whole click a link in your email is just a simple deterrent to keep the catfish away. Enough about all that crap, its time for me to go and find my blonde barbie doll.

Be sure to check your spam folder, I found my welcome email in with my Spam
This is the welcome email from SugarDaddy.com

Be sure that check your spam filter after completing the registration process. I happened to find the welcome email with my username and password in the Spam folder of my Gmail account.

The Captain

In less than 2 minutes, I am successfully registered.

My profile awaits approval. You can expect that the SugarDaddy customer support team will review all the profiles manually. This is to enforce and maintain high community standards and at the same time ensure the safety of all our members aka FOSTA.

WARNING: SugarDaddy.com will delete your profile and in some cases permanently ban you if you violate the terms of use. You can find yourself in violation of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ if your profile has any of the following: profiles with profanity, profiles with contact information, incomplete profiles with junk text, spam or marketing messages in your profile.

My dashboard/homepage with limited access is shown to me immediately after joining.

Join SugarDady.com and get a free  sugar daddy membership.
This is your homepage if you register as a 100% FREE SugarDaddy.com Membership.

Search Results

I wasted no time at all once I completed the registration process. I had to go and find her…you know the stunning blonde sugar baby was calling my name … “Captain, come save me, I wanna be your sugar baby”…ok that part might have just been in my head.

Using the Quick Search I was able to put in my zip code and select that I am looking for sugar babies from 18 – 40 years old (I don’t know her age at this point). After browsing through a couple of pages, I was finally able to locate her profile, I immediately recognized her and clicked on her photo to bring up her full profile where I added her to my favorites and send her a kiss (similar to winking or poking) and attempted to send her a quick introductory message offering to take her out on a date.

This is the blonde who got me signed up on the SugarDaddy.com site.
This is the full profile of a sugar baby on the SugarDaddy.com website.

Damn, well so much for that attempt, I guess I should have known better, I guess I will need to pay for a premium membership in order to send her a message. I will happily upgrade my account and come back to her profile in just a moment. Let’s check out the pricing plans.

Messaging on SugarDaddy.com requires you to have a premium membership.
In order to send messages you will need to first upgrade your account.

Pricing Plans

My pharmacist told me that my Viagra can cause blurry vision. But god damn, I am not sure if I ate an extra dose, or if this pricing plan is too small and hard to fucking read. Help!

Pricing for SugarDaddy.com full premium membership.
  • Diamond – $44.95 per month
  • Diamond + Full Contact – $59.90 per month
  • Platinum – $39.95 per month
  • Platinum + Full Contact – $54.90 per month

After finally finding my reading glasses I decided to go with a Platinum + Full Contact pla.

I decided to add on the Full Contact feature for an extra $14.95 per month in order to contact my sexy blonde sugar baby as she does not have a paid account herself. I would highly suggest that you always add on the full contact.


This ensures that I will be able to contact that beautiful blonde bombshell. She didn’t have a premium account or the full contact addon, therefore, it only makes sense to add this feature to my plan. Heck, I spent more than this for 3 drinks at the bar last night. For less than $2 a day, you get a lot of value with the Platinum + Full Contact Membership.

SugarDaddy.com offers the following payment methods

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Send checks by mail
  • Send checks online
Unlike some of the other sugar dating sites, shockingly the SugarDaddy.com website does charge its sugar babies to upgrade to premium.

Now that I think about it more, I personally feel girls should be free. In the end, I suppose this can also be a good thing for those super thirsty sugar babies. Paid memberships mean a lot less competition for the sugar babies. Some of the more popular sugar dating websites have a ratio of 10 SB to 1 SD, this ratio can only hurt your chances for successfully finding a match. If you’re a sugar baby, you should definitely consider joining this site as a paid member. A smart sugar baby will be able to clean house due to the lower ratio working in your favor.


As I expected there was not a ton of emphasis on privacy. Under the account control panel, I was able to find a small section labeled privacy. This section simply allows for you to hide your profile from all search results (pointless), and or suspend your own account. I am not sure if these are really what I would consider privacy features as they kind of defeat the purpose of being on the site altogether in my opinion.

In addition to being able to disable or hide your account, you can also block member accounts and view a list of those accounts which you have previously blocked. Let’s hope they add some more privacy features in the future. I would personally like to have control over things like who can find you (block specific states or zip codes). Block yourself from being seen by non-members in reference to the quick search feature on the homepage that returns profiles of members to visitors who can run a quick search even before they join themselves as a free member. I think some small changes here can go a long ways.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

As your Captain, it is my responsibility to guide you through this wild sugar dating maze often referred to as the sugar bowl. I have certainly paid my dues as a self-proclaimed expert in the sugar bowl. Over the last several years I have joined nearly every single sugar dating website on this planet. As a result, I would like to think that I know what the fuck I am talking about when it comes to sugar dating and good sugar dating platforms. I must say I am not a huge fan of the site design and layout but I didn’t let that stand in between me a bad lil‘ sugar baby!

As a Platinum member of SugarDaddy.com, I was able to sort through the talent and find some real gems worthy of my time. Next, I pulled out all the stops. I send a “kiss”, I added them to my favorites, and of course sent them a welcoming message asking them if they would like to join me on a future date that worked for us both.

It was a good thing I purchased the FULL CONTACT add on to my membership because many of the sugar babies we not yet full members themselves. This allowed for both of us to message back and forth where I was able to secure a couple of hot dates.

I can be a tough sugar daddy to please as my options are insane when it comes to beautiful sugar babies. Regardless, I was able to add a couple more baddies to my inventory from the SugarDaddy.com website. I am glad I gave this site a second chance.

Don’t just take my word for it.

I highly recommend that you join for yourself and see and experience everything that SugarDaddy.com has to offer.




  • Free to Join
  • 3 Day Trial gives you an opportunity to before you buy.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Strictly Enforced Policies against Illegal Activites
  • Non-paying users can respond to the messages sent by members with a Full Contact add on package


  • Does not accept BitCoin
  • No Mobile App (iOS, Android)
  • Slow page loading times
  • Poor Design and Layout
  • Smaller but growing user base

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