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This is a review for the sugar daddy dating website What’s Your Price. This unique site allows for Sugar Daddies to meet attractive Sugar Babies who otherwise may have been “out of your league.” This is one of the only Online Dating Auction websites I have ever seen or used. It certainly is unique in a sense that it does not charge you a monthly membership fee for a premium account, rather you are allowed to use the site entirely for free. Yes, there is a catch. The catch is when you find someone you wish to communicate with you must purchase tokens or virtual currency which allows you to make an offer to your potential sugar baby.

WhatsYourPrice.com Logo
Since 2007 WhatsYourPrice has seen significant growth. 2 Million plus members, almost 5 Million bids with an average of $125 for a first date incentive.
These numbers are as of March 2019 from the What’s Your Price homepage.

Before you even say it, I know what you are thinking, but I will stop you right there, this is not an offer for any sexual services or prostitution, rather I find it is a genius way to make an offer in order to entice your potential sugar baby for an opportunity to take her on date. This is simply an exchange for her time, nothing more. In my opinion, this is completely fair for both for the website to collect dollars in exchange for virtual currency which is then credited to your account in the form of tokens or coins. I also find the idea of spending the virtual currency in order to message on a 100% free platform as extremely fair from the perspective of the media company behind WhatsYourPrice.

However, I would like to see the business model changed as to where the sugar baby or persons the website collected the tokens on behalf of being able to get a small share of the tokens collected. Perhaps that same token could be a utility token on the blockchain. Anyways, a potential rev-share would be more favorable after a minimum or threshold a set number of coins were collected per month. This change in business model might encourage more user growth as users are now rewarded for engagement, ever before the date.

Shit, I got all sidetracked there. Okay, let me get back to why I feel that this exchange is appropriate and completely legal. Sugar Babies finally can get reimbursed for the time and effort it takes to prepare for a date.

7 Ways to make sense of the WhatsYourPrice auction and bidding concept.

  1. Makeup, believe it or not, if she is trying to look good for you this has a tangible cost.
  2. Outfits, do you want her to look good for you? She has to stay fashionable.
  3. Uber, she might not have a car or prefer taking an Uber.
  4. Parking, depending on where you live this too can be an expense which creates a burden.
  5. Time away from her friends and family.
  6. Baby Sitters: some sugar babies also have children of their own. This is also time and an expense that you have to consider.
  7. School/University – Time away from studying or classes. School is the number one priority for many Sugar Babies.

Still not on board? I know this concept is a bit much for you old timers. Think about it this way. Let’s say that you’re a wealthy sugar daddy who might be over 40 or more years of age. Where do you go to find hot, young, attractive sugar babies in real life who are waiting on standby to accept a paid date with you, and by date, I do not mean sex.

It’s simple! When you suggest a price, you are able to make an offer anywhere from $50 – $500. Each time you suggest a price or an offer you will have to pay tokens, be prepared for the notorious counter offers (I suggest grabbing some extra tokens in advance). One thing to note is that If you offer a price of $100, she can counter with $500, if you want to counter her $500 you can do so by suggesting $200, at this time she can no longer counter back to $500. There is some logic built in by which sugar babies can’t force you to bid in circles or back and forth. You just have to give it a shot, it is really simple and straight forward and much easier than it sounds.

Success at last, in no time at all I was able to successfully find a beautiful date right in my hometown who just move into my hometown to go to college. She responded quickly and immediately accepted my first offer of $300 to join me for dinner at one of my favorite seafood restaurants. That was so easy, is this real life?


Why should a beautiful young sugar baby take her time to get ready for you? Do you know how long beautiful girls can take to get ready? In some cases, this can be hours of her time. What about the non-serious daddies who decide to cancel on the date last minute and break plans. True sugar daddies can also occasionally cancel or change plans, however, they typically have the courtesy to give you a heads up in advance. These types of negative experiences are eliminated and reduced since all Sugar Daddies are required to pay tokens to WhatsYourPrice in order for them to begin the negotiation. This small financial commitment means that you are serious and are far less likely to cancel or the break plans.

Signup Process

During the signup process, I joined the dating site as a male who receives bids on dates. I did not think to check the signup sequence to see if I had chosen “I make bids on dates” if it is any different. Either way the signup process as also very modern and user-friendly.

One thing that I want to pick on from a technical perspective would be the fact that when I chose a username on the second screen it had to kick me to a third screen that was not consistent with the user registration from a css/branding perspective, instead, they could have validated the username in real-time.

WhatsYourPrice Homepage 2019
Sign up to WhatsYourPrice - Choose a username. Use a real email address and add your birthdate to create your account.
Step 2. New User Registration for WhatsYourPrice.
I got this screen because I selected a common username which is in use. I had to make a new selection.
This screen is not consistent from the previous (CSS, UI), I believe I was redirected here after my username was taken, it forced this page and required me to try a new username.

Congratulations, you have successfully joined.

I was given a popup with a confirmation that my account was now created. I was instructed to check my email and clicked the link to verify my account. Don’t worry if you misspelled your email address, you can edit the email and request the verification email again.

Once I clicked the verification link the next step was to complete my personal profile, don’t go too deep but give just enough for your potential sugar baby or sugar daddy to know more about you and what you are looking for. Be sure not to include any personal information. This is your chance to use keywords or key phrases in “describe yourself” or your “ideal date” which might make you stand out from the rest. I like to say that these open text boxes give you an opportunity to manifest your destiny.


Easy enough, time to finish your profile.

You must first edit your profile in order to be discovered in the search results. It is easy and should take you a couple minutes.
Remember, do yourself a favor and don’t lie about your body type or height. It will save you some embarrassment later. Besides, why waste your time with sugar babies who only want you for your money, vs who you really are. Own it my friend!

Education: Of course, she is not going to look for your degree on the wall in your home office, you can be a college dropout and be sitting on stacks of cash, as long as your a gentleman and a true sugar daddy this doesn’t even matter in her eyes.

Smoking: I know some people hate smokers, but this question also seems to be out of touch with reality at least in America I find way fewer people smoking cigarettes and more people smoking weed. I feel if you ask someone if they smoke there should be an option to say if it is medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or just marijuana. I obviously support legal marijuana.

Drinking: Does anyone really admit how much they really drink?

Complete your profile, select what type of date you are looking for. Give some other details about you and your habits (drinking, smoking).
Most everyone hates the dreaded open-ended “about me”, “describe yourself” fields but think of these as a way to manifest what you want to find. Try describing your top 10 vacation ideas, for your ideal first date. Favorite festivals or events you enjoy participating in. Give it a shot, it can’t hurt but start a conversation and perhaps turn into reality.
More profile fields: Occupations, Income are important, don't be afraid to be yourself. This makes for a better dating experience for everyone.
Describe your ideal first date.

Hey Asshole. Don’t you think about uploading that picture from 5 years back because you “looked so good” or “the lighting was just perfect” or “..my makeup looked so good” or “I don’t give a fuck”, let’s face facts, you’re getting older, wiser, and hopefully richer just be yourself? Is that too hard? If you need to be more private, you can simply edit the picture by adding blur or an emoji or scribble to your primary photo to protect your identity. However, a photo is a necessary evil and is going to help you get the date at the same time. Just do it.

The Captain
Add a photo. You should really keep one public profile and save the rest as private.
All you need one good photo to see and be seen. Do yourself a favor and upload a photo. Uploading a Photo will increase your chances of finding a date on WhatsYourPrice

Verification Process

The Verification process was quite simple and straight forward. WhatsYourPrice does require you to click on a verification link which is immediately sent to the email address which you registered with. I used a Gmail email address and it was thankfully found in my inbox. It did not go find its way to my spam or promotions. This is nice as many sugar dating sites have this problem where the verification email is sent to your junk inbox, spam or promotions tab which can create additional frustration for real members trying to locate this email.

Activate your email.
WhatsYourPrice takes a common yet effective step which requires the user to verify their account using the registered email address. Be sure to use an email address which you have access to when joining this sugar dating website.
Click the link to verify your account.
Be sure to check your email (spam, promotions etc) for your verification email.

Immediately after I clicked the link in the verification email I am taken to my dashboard. This is your personalized homepage which displays recent activity. You can see members online near you as well as members who might have veiwed your profile.

Search Results

Jackpot! I am excited. This site was loaded with brand new inventory, and by inventory, I mean a ton of young, hot, beautiful, educated sugar babies!

The Captain

I decided to blur out these screenshots below in order to protect the identity of the members.

This is the main user dashboard once you login to Whats Your Price.
This is the homepage of WhatsYourPrice once you are logged into the website. If you have any activity you will see it here.

Search Filters

Filters help you sort though the WhatsYourPrice users to find your diamond in the rough.
More filters.
Sample profile.
You profile must first be approved before you can make an offer to another member.


I really like the favorites feature as it allows you to organize a list of your top choices. You can see which sugar babies or sugar daddies have favorited you back.

So many favorites. Keep track of the ones you like most.
My profile has not been that active as a result I have not been discovered as much in the search results. I still have received quite a few favorites from the active members on this sugar dating website.

Pricing Plans

I have not been too active on this particular dating site but if you spend time here you are guaranteed to receive some generous offers from a sugar daddy of your choice. And the choice is at your fingertips, if you are not interested in what the other party has to offer or perhaps maybe he is just not your type, you can simply cancel or reject the offer. You can always go back and see your canceled offers in the menu on the top right.

Canceled Offers

Canceled Offers
Canceled Offers
Ugly, Too Old, Cheap, Long Distance,. Cancel or Accept the choice is yours, just don’t play games and if you set a plan, follow though.

Received Offers: notice that you are able to make a counteroffer or accept the current offer. Some might choose to allow you to name your price vs. suggesting a price to you. My advice is to for you to know your worth and don’t be afraid to go for it.

Received Offers
You can accept and counter-offers once an offer is created by the other party. Or the other party can also request that you suggest an offer in order to get what you wish for right out of the gate.
Make the first move, don't be shy!
Counter Offers are fun, play along.
Counter Offer

Offer Accepted – the best thing to do at this point is exchange phone numbers and take the communication off the platform in order to be able to arrange plans with your date.

Offer Accepted. Get ready for a hot date!
Offer Accepted


Privacy and Data are at the center of attention in today’s media regarding your personal information and how it is stored and used online. Therefore you should be conscience of your own online controls which each company chooses to provide.

Privacy is important too, don't forget to check this section out.
Notifications can get annoying, I appreciate being able to turn them on and off as I choose.
Fine tune your notification settings.

Review Conclusion & Final Thoughts

My review overall of the WhatsYourPrice sugar dating website is overall positive. I was able to register, verify and complete my profile with ease and in less than 5 minutes. Once inside it was frustrating I had to wait until my profile was approved before I could make offers to the beautiful ladies I found inside. At first I was expecting the database to be more or less the same users I have already seen on previous sugar dating sites in my city and to my surprise this was indeed a fresh batch of talent. That sure had me excited. Once I was able to purchase some tokens I was able to quickly land a date with a incredible girl. My date was took place at one of m favorite local restaurants and full of intellectual conversation. I honored my word and made sure to be a proper sugar daddy and took care of my date so she did not have to ask me uncomfortably for money in exchange for her time. I made sure I did this at the beginning but might want to do it at the end to make sure she sticks around. I heard some stories where the girls were dishonest and took the money and left out the back or side door and skipped out on the date. I know this is not the normal situation but I want to make you just as aware that it can happen to you.

A smart thing to do would be to allow your date to know you have her gift, perhaps show her and let her know you will give it to her at the end of dinner. I hate to be petty but I want to cover all the basis here as you might not be as experienced as me… The Captain.

I did remove some points from WhatsYourPrice during my review as I was not impressed with the density of sugar babies online in some of the smaller cities I checked. I had to expand my search radius to 100 miles in order to find a much larger selection.

I personally would recommend this site to sugar daddies and sugar babies who are new or getting some first hand experience with online dating and or sugar dating. This site compliments some of the other sites which I am also a member. It has expanded the pool of available options which I have at my finger tips. Go ahead, sign up and give it a shot. Enjoy!




  • Free to Join
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Over 2 Million Members
  • Lot's of Privacy Features
  • Tokens are much cheaper than monthly membership cost


  • Less Active Members than I expected
  • Just because you pay tokens and she accepts your offer does not guarantee you go on the date. The rest is up to you to make it happen.
  • I found the user base to be slightly older that similar sugar dating sites
  • Smaller Cities are not represented as well
  • Some frustrations with response time

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